Pelvic floor therapy

Dr. Stefanie Long PT, DPT, STMT-C

Physical Therapist/Owner

Wait… What?!…. Yeah, there is such a thing as women’s health Physical therapy! It focuses on common issues associated with pregnancy, orthopedic conditions that occur in the post-partum period, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, incontinence, and many additional problems women may endure in their lifetime. You don't have to live like this!

We’re all unique… Every woman has a different story, a different past, and millions of individual events that make them who they are. Women’s health PT should combine truly individualized, patient-specific goals that includes intervention that works for you.  

How’d I get here again?… I became passionate about women’s health therapy in 2011 after being treated as a patient following the birth of my first child. I struggled with incontinence and pelvic pain and, after just a few visits, my symptoms began to lessen. My therapist expertly identified my concerns and guided me through exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor and core. This led me to pursue certification in this area and go on to help women with similar concerns! I’ve seen hundreds of clients through the same processes! I have been a practicing physical therapist for over 11 wonderful years. I have treated patients in Women’s health, general orthopedic, post-operative conditions, sports injury rehab,  and also pediatric patients with both neurological or orthopedic conditions and incontinence/bed-wetting issues.

Make it happen… I offer individualized, convenient, and effective treatment that will relieve your pain and strengthen your body on your terms and is designed to fit your schedule.  If you decide to proceed with therapy, I will conduct a thorough evaluation to diagnose the problem and to develop a plan of treatment. Subsequent sessions will focus on lessening your symptoms and improving your deficits.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact me at stefanielong@concept-wellness.com. Visit our FAQ section to learn more!

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